Informational message: Please exercise caution regarding fraudulent activities.

Dear Colleagues,

In the last month, we have observed an increase in the activity from scammers posing as employees of oil producing companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including Buzachi Neft LLP, as well as fake intermediary companies that allegedly provide services in the field of crude oil and petroleum products trade and export, impersonating Buzachi Neft LLP and other companies.

We ask you to be vigilant and advise against engaging in a dialogue or transactions with unauthorized persons, including fraudulent foreign and international representatives posing as employees or authorized representatives of Buzachi Neft LLP, not to accept fraudulently produced documents, certificates, invoices, and not to enter into any agreements and not make any payments until you have verified that you are in contact with an authorized and genuine employee of Buzachi Neft LLP.

We confirm that Buzachi Neft LLP does not have any foreign or international intermediaries, representatives, traders or agents authorised to trade crude oil, petroleum products or other goods and services on behalf of Buzachi Neft LLP. Most likely any activity of such nature is the activity of scammers and fraudsters.

In all cases, prior to engaging in communication or any other relationship, and in order to avoid fraudulent intentions, it is necessary to ensure and verify the legitimacy, competency and authenticity of both sides.

Contact details of Buzachi Neft LLC are listed on our website: buzachineft.kz by which you can call or send mail correspondence by post.

Best regards,

Saule Asanova
General Director of Buzachi Neft LLP